Welcome to the new website.

Join The Practice

We are currently accepting new patients. Please view the practice boundary here.

We are unable to accept registrations of any description, or enquires on a Monday due to how excessively busy this day of the week is. We ask if you are wishing to register to come after 10.30 between Tuesday and Friday.

Do please read our patient charter to ensure that our practice can offer the type of service that you are looking for

Please ensure that if you are on repeat medications, you have a months worth of medication at the beginning of the registration process, to ensure that you do not run out prior to being able to see a GP in the practice.

Patients requesting to join the practice are asked to:

  • Visit the surgery to pick up our paperwork. When presenting at surgery we would be very grateful if you could bring proof of address that will confirm to us that you are inside of our practice area..
  • All registration enquiries and completed paperwork will need to be submitted via our branch site at Thornhill Surgery, Pepys Avenue. Please note this site is closed between 1.00-1.30pm everyday. We only accept new baby registrations at the Bitterne site.